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The main intention of this sanctuary is to provide a safe space for healing, wellness, peace, and happiness.

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Reconnect with your truth on the Sadhaka Healing Sounds retreat — Nov 18-22, 2020 at Holistika Tulum

We are in the age of transformation. Join renowned healer Javier Bautista for an experience of healing vibrations, a celebration of the present moment, and a return to your divine essence.

Holistika Tulum Retreats in the jungle
Jungle Retreats
Host a retreat at holistika to share your knowledge, facilitate people’s growth and healing and create a community of like-minded people in the heart of the jungle. 

Located in the middle of the jungle, Holistika offers all the benefits that being surrounded by nature provides. In conjunction with all its spaces, yoga classes, daily activities, and magical people and teachers, it is the perfect place to disconnect and reconnect with your soul.

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Whether in a group or on your own, the space invites you to take some time for yourself and heal. Freely dive into the calming oasis where you relax and retreat from all outside influences. Relax. Heal. Connect  

Holistika Tulum Retreats

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Holistika features a bunch of amazing facilities that gathers creative spirits and offer them a cool and welcoming spaces to collaborate, share and learn, immersing in the purpose that brought them together in the first place.

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