Holistika Tulum
The place you call home

Entering Holistika feels like taking a deep exhale. Exiting the normal life with the out-breath, letting go of worries, fears, and doubts and entering the world of infinite possibilities. 

Holistika Tulum Hotel Entrance

Holistika's entrance to the shalas

Holistika Hostel Tulum
The shalas
Practice yoga in the stunning shalas that invite you to dive deeper into your practice.

We created a community of the best teachers and students coming together to practice yoga in this magical place. From Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini all the way to acro yoga, we offer daily classes for every liking.  Besides yoga, the acoustic invites you to experience a self-exploratory savasana after your practice. 

Daily Activities
Meditations at The Acoustic Dome Holistika Tulum
The Dome
A magical and surrealistic space that lifts your spirit and activates your mind.

Entering the dome, you feel the magic that the dome has to offer. The architecture and the energetic signature of this space carry you into a space where everything is possible.  In the dome, you can experience weekly sound healing, meditations, cacao ceremonies, and other events.

Energy flows where intentios goes
Practice. Meditate. Play

Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of like-minded people that move you out of your comfort zone and into your full potential. Change is up to you but we will make sure you inspire others when you get home. 

Holistika Tulum Hotel Entrance

The dome

Holistika Hostel Tulum
A place to come in, connect

Celebrate healthy eating at Tierra Restaurant. Offering Toxin-free meals made with local ingredients and love from the staff.

Discover Tierra
Holistika Tulum pools
Water cleanses, Water heals.

Gather with people around the pool, take a deep dive and realize that you have arrived. Surrounded by the jungle, the pools invite you to relax, connect and refresh. Take a deep breath, dive and immerse yourself.

Holistika Tulum Treehouse

The treehouse is for those who need some time for themselves. Climb up the ladder and see everything from a different angle.

Tierra vegan restaurant Tulum

Let the spirits of the jungle help you clear your mind and channel your creative energies. Use this space for creation, co-creation, and meditation.

Holistika Tulum shop, souvenir store

Oils, accessories, maxi dresses, floppy hats, fringed bags, distressed denim, and ankle boots! The shop offers every bit of Tulum you want to take home!

A unique experience
Jungle Art Walk

The art walk takes you on a journey of creation. Surreal, magical and natural paintings and sculptures inspire you to create and live more.

Jungle Art Walk
Holistika Tulum jungle art walk

The jungle Art Walk

Tropical paradise
Relax. Heal. Connect

A Place for Healing. Tropical Location. Unique Architecture. Suitable for many activities. 

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Holistika jungle boutique hotel tulum
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Holistika Luxury hotel Tulum jungle
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Holistika pools in the jungle of Tulum
Holistika Tulum jungle artwalk

Holistika Tulum

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Sound healing and wellness therapy