Holistika Tulum
A unique collection
The wildest art gallery in Tulum

The art walk takes you on a journey of creation. Surreal, magical and natural paintings and sculptures inspire you to create and live more.

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Holistika Tulum
Let your creative energy flow freely

We co-create with artists to share their magic in the middle of the jungle. Time in the jungle is different from the time in the city. Take your jungle time, walk, observe and absorb.

Made in collaboration with:
tulum art club

Inhale ideas
Art and nature

Through art, we generate awareness for the environment and the interconnectedness of everything. Walking in the jungle, hearing the sounds and seeing sculptures and colorful murals creates an atmosphere of awe. We want to inspire you to create in alignment with nature and to respect and protect the lungs of our planet: the jungle. 

Holistika Tulum Art Walk
The art pieces are permanently in the art walk.
Our approach

We brought together artists from all over the world to create their master pieces in the jungle of holistika.

Come visit the art walk

You can either come and visit to explore the art walk or book a place in our facilities to experience the art in the wilderness. 

Holistika Tulum

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