Holistika Tulum
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The Hotel features 24 magical rooms in the middle of the jungle, some intended to be Art Deco Tropical Places. Each of the 24 rooms is designed to recharge your body, mind, and soul through the simple design, quiet ambiance and loving care of the people.

Holistika Tulum Hotel Rooms

Single Room

Located in the second floor, pool front, with an intimate private balcony among nature

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Holistika Hotel Tulum Rooms
Double Room

Located in ground level, pool front among nature with a magical starry sky at night.

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Holistika Hostel Tulum
A place for adventurous souls
The Beehive Experience

Live together with other souls that are on the path of self-discovery and happiness in an intimate space that sparks creativity, deep connection and a life of purpose. 

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Feel the magic
You are loved

A sanctuary with high vibes and magical people. After centuries of natural jungle, holistika was built to welcome you to a transformative stay to celebrate art, health, transformation, and healing.

Pure nature

Allow your body and mind to recharge to reach your best feeling state.

Free Wifi

It is our pleasure to offer space for you to feel the comforts of a home away from home.

Free Amenities

Freely dive into the calming oasis where you relax and retreat from all outside influences.

Holistika Hotel Tulum
Holistika Boutique Hotel Tulum rooms
Holistika Luxury hotel Tulum jungle
Holistika Hostel Tulum

Holistika Tulum

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