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Transformation a la carte

Purge, decodify and purify the body through the flow of therapeutic healing arts. Start your personal transformation journey with the best daily activities 

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Holistika Tulum Retreats

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Reach full potential.
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Move you out of the comfort zone. Dig deeper and experiment new and healthier practices. Replace patterns and build eagle-eyed perspectives.

  • the best yoga classes in tulum

    From Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini all the way to acro yoga, we offer daily classes for every liking.

  • Temazcal Tulum holistika

    Resembling mother earth’s womb, Temazcal offers an opportunity to cleanse body and mind.

  • Sound healing Tulum Holistika
    Sonic Experience

    Heal, balance and reconnect to your deepest self and nature.

  • Cacao Ceremony Tulum Holistika
    Cacao Ceremonies

    Food for the body, mind and spirit within our own temple. .

Holistika Tulum Retreats in the jungle
High Vibes
We offer a wide range of wellness and fitness activities to activate body and mind.

Entering Holistika feels like taking a deep exhale. Exiting the normal life with the out-breath, letting go of worries, fears, and doubts and entering the world of infinite possibilities. .

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Holistika features a bunch of amazing facilities that gathers creative spirits and offer them a cool and welcoming spaces to collaborate, share and learn, immersing in the purpose that brought them together in the first place.


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