Holistika Tulum
Welcome to the jungle
About Holistika

In a stress-free zone in the middle of the jungle, Holistika was born. A place for healing, exploring and reflecting.

Holistika Tulum Jungle Hotel

Holistika's Entrance

A new home
In the Middle of the mayan jungle

You will find your new home. Holstika- a hotel, holistic center and community space for those who seek happiness, peace, and connection.

Holistika Tulum Retreats

Holistika's Jungle

Believe you can!
Transformation happens in and outside of your comfort zone.

Our purpose is to connect you to yourself and like-minded people. Because we know that only happy people are contributing people! We created this space so that your soul can thrive and you can live a life of purpose.

  • Holistika Tulum luxury hotel

    Book your stay at holistika and experience the mystic lands of Tulum.

  • Tierra Holistika Vegan Restaurant Tulum

    Conscious and Healthy eating to nurture your body.

  • Yoga Shala Tulum, Meditation and wellness Center

    Start your personal transformation journey with the best daily activities.

  • Yoga Shala Tulum, Meditation and wellness Center
    Art Walk

    The art walk takes you on a journey of creation. Get inspired to create and live more.

Take some time for yourself
Reconnect, heal and relax.

Surrounded by nature, holistika creates the perfect place to disconnect and reconnect. With the best workshops, activities and daily yoga classes, you can start a transformation that isn’t possible anywhere else in the world.

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Holistika Hotel Tulum
Holistika Luxury boutique hotel tulum
Holistika Luxury hotel Tulum jungle
Holistika jungle boutique hotel tulum
Holistika Hotel Tulum
Holistika Boutique Hotel Tulum rooms
Holistika Luxury hotel Tulum jungle
Holistika Retreat and wellness center
Holistika Yoga shala
Holistika Tulum jungle artwalk
Holistika Tulum jungle artwalk

Holistika Tulum

Wellness and retreat Center Tulum

Vegan restaurant and tacos tulum

Yoga classes and wellness activities tulum

Temazcal, cacao ceremony Tulum
Sound healing and wellness therapy