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08 November 2018

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Retreat yourself: plan a yoga experience

Retreat yourself: plan a yoga experience

Get away from it all. Organizing a yoga retreat is a big challenge. As well as preparing yourself for a yoga teacher training – whether you’re a student or a teacher. Surely, you want to focus on learning and getting to know the people with you on this journey. For that, you desire a place that provides everything you need just some steps apart. Welcome to Holistika, the natural habitat for a yoga retreat.

As you know, Holistika is located in Tulum – the Mexican Mekka for yogis. The beach town is renown for its immense offer of yoga classes and the many world class teachers, who travel to the Riviera Maya each season.


So, imagine yourself in the middle of the tropical jungle. You’ve just come out of a yoga session in a big, beautiful shala. Now you’re heading over to the colorful dome for a meditation. Meanwhile, some others are refreshing themselves in the pool to your left. Oh, and tonight there will be a gathering of the whole group around the fireplace to wrap up the first day.

As you can feel already now, Holistika provides the perfect environment for your retreat. But the yoga, meditation and wellness facilities are just a small part of it all. You will have the privilege of immersing yourself into 4 hectares of jungle with two accommodation options: the 24 hotel rooms and the Beehive Dorms offer space for up to 72 retreat guests. 


The on-site restaurant Tierra serves healthy, locally grown dishes. The delicious food and drinks menu has many vegetarian or vegan choices, that will boost your energy throughout your intense retreat days.

Additionally to your own program, you can enjoy spa treatments and other transformative therapies – like an energizing cacao ceremony or a purifying Mayan Temazcal ritual. Also, inspiration awaits around every corner, for example on the Junge Art Walk with fascinating murals. There is so much more to take home from a retreat in Holistika…from which most importantly is a peaceful state of mind. 

"To Omm in unison with the sounds of the jungle creates a strong connection to nature."

As you can imagine, many people who come here would like to stay forever. But consider that the endless white beaches of the Caribbean are just 20 minutes away. Furthermore, in only 5 minutes you reach Tulum town, where you have many options to eat and have fun outside the enchanted garden of Holistika.


Get in contact with us, if you have any question or you want to play a retreat at Holistika. We’re looking forward to hear from you.

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