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23 November 2018

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The jewel in the jungle: why Holistika is so unique

The jewel in the jungle: why Holistika is so unique

The choice of hotels in Tulum can be as overwhelming as the beauty of the Caribbean Sea. There are so many options. Holistika makes your decision pretty clear: if you are looking for a peaceful surrounding, where you can reconnect with nature and yourself during your vacation, you’ve found your happy place. 

The drive through Tulum town away from the busy streets leads you deeper into the untouched jungle. The sounds change from noises of cars, people and music to songs of birds accompanied by the rustle of leaves. Upon arrival at Holistika a warm feeling of excitement welcomes you – the sensation of having found a treasure. You are standing right in front of it.

Holistika is an organically grown and carefully planned wellbeing sanctuary in the middle of nature. The community focused center was created for those, who seek a lasting experience rather than just a holiday. Tucked into four hectares of tropical jungle two hotel areas, a vegetarian restaurant as well as various yoga and wellness facilities provide the space for a transformative journey.

"Which other place in the world has the magic to let you return home as a new you?"

After walking through the white arch at the entrance you already feel the cleansing effect of this unique location. You enter the cosmos of Holistika and immediately let go of every unwanted influence from the world behind you. You freely dive into a calming oasis where you get away from it all – your spiritual playground with the famous Tulum beaches only 20 minutes away.

Here guests feel at home, whether they are traveling on a budget or are looking for a special private hideaway. They can choose between a stylish room in the boutique hotel or a comfy bed in the Beehive dorm. The doors of Holistika are also open for visitors, who don’t stay the night. On seven days a week there is the possibility to enjoy delicious food, rejuvenating yoga classes, massages, wellness treatments, traditional ceremonies or special events.


You make your way further through the lush garden of Holistika. Wherever you go, you find more harmony, awareness and inspiration for your individual path of life. You walk again through the white arch and embrace the outside world – but this time with a reset mind, body and soul.

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