The experience

The experience

Daily Activities

Immerse in the moment while letting go with glee and integrating in diverse daily activities.


Tierra Restaurant

Tierra gathers the bests of conscious eating creating a flavors fest in your mouth.



Transformation a la carte. A new way of dealing with everyday life and circumstances.


Transformative Facilities

Transformation a la carte. A new way of dealing with everyday life and circumstances. Our body absorbs information from all of our surroundings and the efforts to help purge, decodify and purify our body are rewarded through the flow of therapeutical arts healing.


Rebirth is the main point. Resembling mother earth’s womb, Temazcal offers an opportunity to cleanse our body and mind. A steam ceremony where chamomile and lavender are the powered by ancestral rocks knowledge, guiding us into a deeper way of dealing with our everyday’s worries concerns. Beautiful silky skin guaranteed.


Sacred geometry and really good vibes set the tone for you to flow. Reset the brain for maximum Get on your toes. Stretch some more. This spaces where created to host cool meditative moments that bring sudden aha moments. The acoustic of the place hugs you while next level your practice.

Art Walk

The wildest art gallery in town. We collaborated with Tulum Art Club to bring together a space where artists share their magic in unique and one of a kind murals in the middle of the jungle. The Art Walk takes you on a journey that leads to an enhanced sense of creativity. Surreal, magical realist and naturalist paintings and sculptures bring a different understanding of what is seen and lived around here.


The topic is up to you. The set is up to us. Retreats at Holistika are known for the dorms and how they gather strong spirits and offer them a cool space to collaborate, share their learnings, immersing in the purpose of what brought them together in the first place.

The main intention of this sanctuary, is to offer a space for those who seek wellness, peace and happiness