Transformation a la carte. A new way of dealing with everyday life and circumstances. Our body absorbs information from all of our surroundings and the efforts to help purge, decodify and purify our body are rewarded through the flow of therapeutical arts healing.

Our Therapies


60 min/125 usd

The use of magnets applied on the body, under a precise method, restore the neutral PH level of the internal organs within minutes and, since no microorganism can thrive under such environment, a true healing experience can be attained. It is also ideal for couples as it solves emotional and behavior patterns that commonly affect couples when the body is out of energetic balance. Wide ranges of ancient Mayan techniques are also included, such as acu-pressure and energy-harmonization, in order to create wholesome healing results.


60 min/125 usd

Thai Yoga Strech is a truly invigorating massage that opens up all your meridians. Ideal after your yoga practice, this massage deepens your body´s consciousness by stretching and using acupressure points. It detoxifies your system in a very deep cleanse that boosts your immune system. A full restorative Asian tradition massage that will make you feel totally renewed.


60 min/125 usd

Pre-Hispanic and healing ancestral technique, giving specific attention to the readjustment of the abdominal organs, as well as the activation of the 13 joints representing the 13 lunar cycles. The importance of the navel region as the ``Energy Power Center`` is recognized, representing the Great Central Sun and our connection with Mother Earth. This belly massage will have an incredibly deep and lasting effect on your digestive system creating a great sense of well-being.


60 min/75 usd

Japanese healing form created to activate the energy points or meridians, following the lines or channels of the chi or vital energy, and at the same time performing stretches and pressures in key points of the body. This therapy helps to release accumulated energy or muscle pain, in addition to creating healing sensations and feelings of physical and emotional well-being.


60 min/90 usd - 90 min/125 usd

Is a technique that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. Its goal is to release chronic stress patterns in muscles, tendons, ligaments and stressed areas through slow movements and deep pressure with the fingers in the problematic areas, either by following or going through the fibers of the muscles, tendons and fascias. The benefits of this massage include relief of minor pain, reduction of body stiffness, decreased anxiety and restful sleep.


60 min/90 usd - 90 min/125 usd

Combining a technique of channeling and transmitting vital energy through (Reiki) with Aromatherapy to open different energy channels within the physical and mental body of the person plus a gentle massage using techniques of Ayurvedic Medicine and Tantric Healing., The person is taken to a state of relaxation and openness where physical, emotional & mental healing is allowed. The intention of this healing is for the person to allow emotional and mental blocks be released and healed.


60 min/90 usd - 90 min/125 usd

Pranic Healing is a revolutionary and comprehensive system of natural healing techniques that uses prana to treat illness. It is a synthesis of ancient, esoteric healing methods that have been rediscovered, researched and tested over decades with proven success by the founder of Modern Pranic Healing, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.


60 min/75 usd - 90 min/95 usd

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning REI, universal energy and KI, vital energy. It is a powerful technique that channels and transmits vital energy through the laying on of hands, bringing peace and balance at all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Reiki acts in depth going to the root of the physical or emotional problem, allowing the emotion or pattern of behavior that created the imbalance to manifest and be healed. It also helps us with personal growth and the expansion of our consciousness.


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Enjoy an Ancestral Ritual, special to harmonize the Body and the Spirit. It begins with the Greeting at 4 Rumbos and a personal purification with Copal by the Spiritual Guide, in the Temazcal area surrounded by the jungle. After entering the theme, a construction of round shape, representing the maternal world of Mother Earth.The experience is done in the dark and you can feel like the enveloping vapor in your body and mind. Listening to the voice of the spiritual guide during the process, while the heat transmutes your energy eliminating everything you no longer need. At the end of the temazcal, make fresh fruits and fresh water of lemon with mint.

Cacao Therapy

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We will open the sacred space to accompany the celebration to life, we will prepare ourselves to receive the energy and inner warmth that cocoa and corn brings us, within our own temple. We will be a bridge between cultures, we will honor the seeds so that the harvested fruits give us food for the body, mind and spirit. We will share songs, music, vibration and let our soul express itself and expand with the vibration of love. The cocoa ceremony is perfect for all those who wish to accelerate and activate their evolution, release what no longer serves them, activate the stagnant and heal it, increase the vibrational energy and for all people who wish to stimulate the heart to heal it and expand it in loving vibration.


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