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16 November 2018

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Influencer Birthday: Gabriela Pugliesi celebrates with us

Influencer Birthday: Gabriela Pugliesi celebrates with us

Feliz cumpleaños! The famous fitness blogger and model Gabriela Pugliesi from Brazil celebrated her birthday with a group of friends in Holistika. The pictures of her in our yoga shala and our restaurant went around the world.


Tulum is a dream destination – in reality and in the virtual world. On the social media platform Instagram the 3.7 million uploaded pictures with the hashtag #tulum make our lovely home town one of the most sought after vacation hotspots on earth. Also thanks to many popular Instagrammers. The so-called „influencer“ are social media VIPs who share their live and travels to the most desirable places with their followers. Thus, the magic of Tulum digitally spreads from their devices into the hearts of their fans.


That’s why we were especially honored to welcome the lovely Gabriela Pugliesi at Holistika. Almost 4 million people follow the Instagram account @gabrielapugliesi on which the Brazilian shows her healthy lifestyle. At the end of October, she celebrated her 33rd birthday with a friends’ trip to the Riviera Maya. During their time in Tulum Gabriela and her equally influential squad of course also came to enjoy an enchanting jungle experience in Holistika.


Gabriela practiced with us in a Vinyasa yoga class, tasted the vegetarian creations of our restaurant Tierra and inspired her big fanbase with many beautiful pictures. Happy birthday and much love, dear Gabriela – it was a pleasure to have you!




Gabriela Pugliesi’s husband Erasmo Viana refreshes himself in our pool.

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