Picture yourself waking up in the middle of the jungle to the first rays of sun and the birds songs. Take a deep breathe and stretch. Give thanks. Head to Yoga, meet some new friends. The Tierra´s Bar await you with a Mango Smoothie. Delightful vegetarian food to enlighten your day and treat yourself with our Cheff Fernando´s specialities.

After the computer work is done and you are ready for a break from it all, adventure leads to inspiration on the Art Walk is filled with that intention. Listen to Mich play the gongs inside the Mayan Head Sculpture. Enrich each other with insights and stories. Enrolling on daily errands never been so stunning. At night drop your guard because Sound Healing is about to start, a prompt to get our frequency back on top. 

We believe huge things happen when kindred spirits come together
with a similar intention in a loving space.


Sunlight floods the place with subtle rays of grounding energy filtered through tree’s leaves. Insects and birds musicalize the atmosphere, stars light the night skies and fires heat our hearts. 


Our pleasure is to create that space. We are all about bonds and bridges that bring together like-minded people who firmly believe in becoming their best self every day regardless of circumstances. The whole purpose is to set a vibe for those to heal, balance and reconnect to their deepest self and nature. Remember that transformation is salvation.  


Holistika is a unique Holistic Center, Hotel and Community set in the middle of the Mayan Jungle. A place where ‘everybody knows your name, people know we are all the same and they are always glad you came’. Energy flows like water.


Immerse in the moment while letting go with glee and integrating in diverse daily activities that move you out of your comfort zone. Dig deeper and experiment new and healthier practices. Replace patterns and build eagle eyed perspectives. Allow your body and mind to reach a fuller potential. Change is up to you but we will make sure you somehow inspire others when you go back home.